PACKABLE WITH UNBELIEVABLE WARMTH BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION: packable and ultralight, easily stowed into the detachable pouch for travel use; sufficiently filled with 100% white down inside for maximized warmth to keep you incredibly warm in the coldest conditions. DECENT DESIGN WITH ACTIVE FIT: padded stand collar for shielding your neck from cold, channel quilted with full length nylon zipper, binding at cuffs and hem for creating a close and secure fit to block wind and cold air; 2 outer zipped side pockets and 2 interior open pockets to stash your valuables. Date of delivery Fabric choice: 100% Cotton ,CVC, TC, Polyester, customized fabric.

In corsa ci sarebbero tra i 3 e i 4 private equity, ma in pole position sembrerebbe il fondo statunitense Kkr. A vendere Italmatch Chemicals il private equity che ha scelto come advisor Goldman Bnp Paribas e Fineurop Soditic. L potrebbe essere valutata circa 700 milioni di euro, una cifra che dovrebbe proiettare la transazione ad una delle maggiori del 2018 per il settore..

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