Like X files “I Want To Believe”, problem is, after 34 years of gaming you kinda have to give me reason to! If you want to put the argument out that “look how many games they develop” I can understand that point only to a certain degree as just look at the prices for DLC on Origin. Look at Flash Sales (on Steam) for games and the revenue they do create. A “Sale” on origin is usually no real Sale to the average PC gamer.

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He now knows whether his statement is true or not, as he died in 1970. However, he could have known beforehand if he had taken the Bible seriously (which is not what atheists do).If you join in the discussion on some Christian forums on the Internet, you are likely to encounter people who promote unorthodox doctrines. I have been meeting some of these people on the Christian Fellowship Forum (2007a).Harold, a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), has been promoting soul sleep.

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