ufficiale: Marc Jacobs sposerà Charly DeFrancesco. L arriva proprio dal designer newyorkese, che questa mattina ha pubblicato su Instagram il video della proposta di matrimonio. Realizzata a regola d of course, con tanto di contributo creativo firmato dall Plural NYC.

Times, Sunday Times (2013)He already had eight points for driving without due care and attention. The Sun (2015)We have been more cautious than normal this year in giving due consideration to liabilities. Times, Sunday Times (2016)She said she thought that the debt was due to be paid today.

Although we are nowhere told what it is in the foreknowledge of God that determines His choice, the repeated teaching of Scripture that man is responsible for accepting or rejecting salvation necessitates our postulating that it is man reaction to the revelation that God has made of himself that is the basis of His election. May we repeat: Since mankind is hopelessly dead in trespasses and sins and can do nothing to obtain salvation, God graciously restores to all men sufficient ability to make a choice in the matter of submission to Him. This is the salvation bringing grace of God that has appeared to all men.

Peter, we are in the cities, towns and streets across the nation. The mass media generally don’t seek us out to give the reasons why we oppose assisted suicide and euthanasia. Our views don’t get much air play. Ootoro made a name for itself as an Omakase specialist in Walnut, California, and the goal here is the same. They do make several very straightforward Hand Rolls and Nigiri sets using Soft shell Crab, Uni, Toro, live Lobster or even Spicy Tuna with freshness on par with powerhouses such as Sushi Noguchi, Shunka and nearby Nana San. Also, the chefs create a number of innovative new style Sashimi and Tataki.

Mia madre ha sempre lavorato come sarta, tanto che in casa nostra abbiamo sempre avuto una stanza dedicata al cucito. Potrei dire che il mio primo ricordo legato alla moda è stato guardare mia madre all’opera, mentre realizzava abiti stupendi per lei e per le mie sorelle più piccole, con fantastici e preziosi ricami. Quando ho iniziato l’università non ero ancora sicuro riguardo a cosa avrei voluto fare, credo sia stato guardando una retrospettiva sul lavoro di Vivienne Westwood che davvero ho apprezzato per la prima volta la connessione tra arte, moda e società..

“Let’s bring in fitness centres, let’s bring in live theatres, let’s bring all the excitement to where you spend time. When you are here you can shop, but the shopping is the consequence of where you want to be rather than the place you come to shop. It is totally the other way around.”.