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Working for years in a company often means feeling you are an integral part of the business and sharing its values and perspectives. Francesco Varni, General Manager of QC Terme who has worked for the enterprise founded by the Quadrio Curzio brothers for 27 years, knows this feeling quite well. Started working with them when they were involved in the public works sector.

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In the next several days, come here for some thoughts and goodbyes as we wind this down. And afterward, please explore other PBS Parents blog resources like the dynamic Supersisters and the ever resourceful Craft Apparent with Vickie Howell. These dozen stories, written and illustrated by kids in grades K 3, are online and ready for you to read aloud and share with your kids.

Media can be an effective teacher. Your child learns from what he sees on screen, whether it is a violent program or an educational program. You can help him get the most from on screen content by steering him towards age appropriate educational programs and using related activities to enhance your child learning experiences.

Toure’s presence in the squad might not do very much for squad chemistry and his previous antics when left out of the team or unfavoured for long periods look for example at the fuss he made over not being bought a birthday cake buy Manchester City do not bode well. A jaded ageing star who does not have his best years ahead is currently one of the last things United need. Musa Okwonga.