In bygone days, Tohunga Maori (Maori wise men and women) with a special knowledge of the stars spent much time studying the stars. The movement of the nga whetu (the eternal shining ones) followed a seasonal cycle, as did the Earth below, so that their rising and setting marked the progression of the seasons. Certain stars were said to bring the seasons into existence and to send down to the earth the foods that became available at the times of the year associated with them.

And so those soldiers, having seen, awakened the centurion and the elders (for they too were present, safeguarding). [39] And while they were relating what they had seen, again they see three males who have come out from they sepulcher, with the two supporting the other one, and a cross following them, [40] and the head of the two reaching unto heaven, but that of the one being led out by a hand by them going beyond the heavens. [41] And they were hearing a voice from the heavens saying, you made proclamation to the fallen asleep? [42] And an obeisance was heard from the cross, [43].

Tutto pronto anche questa sera per la messa in onda dell’Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in diretta dall’Altice Arena di Lisbona, in Portogallo. Per altri 18 paesi è il momento di sfidarsi sul palco nel corso della Semifinale 2. Tutti pronti per staccare uno dei 10 ticket a disposizione per gareggiare nella Finalissima.

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