Christianity Today (2000)There is no way on earth. Times, Sunday Times (2009)The product you crave is destroying planet Earth. The Sun (2012)These gases permit the passage of sunlight to the earth’s surface. 4.2 L’Utente che abbia attivato un servizio a pagamento avrà diritto di recedere, senza alcuna penalità e senza specificarne il motivo, dal contratto entro il termine di quattordici giorni lavorativi, ai sensi dell’art. 52 del Codice del Consumo, decorrenti dalla data di attivazione del servizio. Resta inteso che il diritto di recesso non potrà essere esercitato nel caso in cui l’Utente, prima della scadenza dei quattordici giorni abbia, anche solo in parte, utilizzato il servizio a pagamento..

The Summer Feast, to thank the land for the abundance of the harvest, was celebrated by the Celts in August (Lunasa in Irish). The feast of Lammas on August 1st became more properly the festival because in the northern European countryside it begins the ripening of the wheat. The night of Lammas, as usual in the Celtic tradition, is the night of the eve of August 1, a day of celebration for the farmers of Scotland, a day of rest and celebration before the beginning of the harvest.

Wood, Sydney Scottish Voices 1745 1960 (1990)The answer was to tune their surfing to their particular interests. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The coupon is like the interest you receive from a cash savings account. Times, Sunday Times (2016)You have to show a renewed interest in the person.

Currently, several pCT scanner prototypes are being developed around the world; pCT scanner technology however is still far from being applicable in a clinical environment, mainly due to the slow acquisition rates. The iMPACT project therefore plans to develop a pCT scanner able to overcome such limitation, leading the way towards sound and medical grade apparatuses. Thesis begins by displaying both limitations and advantages of the Hadron Therapy technique; the pCT state of the art is then reviewed, highlighting positive features as well as constraints that limit its applicability.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)The Conway saga is a sordid tale of grubby politics, naked greed and social ambition. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The bank probe into internal emails and instant messages has also allegedly unearthed other City traders’ sordid behaviour. The Sun (2014)He said: ‘You will hear all sorts of sordid details in relation to this case but this is not a court of morals.

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