Così scrive Roy Palmer Twelfth Eve, in Devonshire, it is customary for the farmer to leave his warm fireside, accompanied by a band of rustics, with guns, blunderbusses, etc., presenting an appearance which at other times would be somewhat alarming. Thus armed, the band proceed to an adjoining orchard, where is selected one of the most fruitful and aged of the apple trees, grouping round which they stand and offer up their invocations in the following doggerel rhyme: “Here to thee/ Old apple tree!/ Whence thou mayst bud,/ And whence thou mayst blow,/ And whence thou mayst bear,/ Apples enow:/ Hats full,/ Caps full,/ Bushels,/ bushels, sacks full,/ And my pockets full, too!/ Huzza! huzza!” The cider jug is then passed around, and with many a hearty shout, the party fire off their guns, charged with powder only, amidst the branches. (tratto qui).

Ma chiede invece proprio quanto di più impalpabile, di più irreale ci sia, un sogno. Perché, in realtà, l’unica cosa che veramente conti, mobiliti, dia forza alla gente e la trascini è un sogno. Un ideale, una meta, uno scopo che sia ben più grande dei nostri sogni individuali, una patria ideale verso cui andare fianco a fianco, felici di essere insieme, orgogliosi di ciò che vogliamo raggiungere..

He was most anxious that I would meet his mother and father. Particularly his father who was a singer and a folklorist and he knew that I would be interested to meet Sandy McConnell. So Sandy sang me on one of the early meetings a wonderful version of a Child Ballad.

Porter’s squads often felt as though they had some underlying fragility, a lack of necessary steeliness. Savarese’s version suffered through some speed bumps early on giving up four goals to the New York Red Bulls in late March, taking a 2 0 lead in Orlando only to concede three times in the final 10 minutes to lose 3 2 but it has lately proven resilient. A hard earned 1 1 draw at league leading Atlanta United last weekend was the most recent impressive result..

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