Comte was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1954, and he started studying as an art restorer, but he soon fell in love with photography, like the one by Man Ray. He started studying this subject in depth, without having any academic education. He goes from some cinematographic scenarios to some moments of intense intimacy, from the glamour to the daily life.

From the onset you realize the quality of the Fish is the only thing that matters at Daiwa. The very first piece of Sushi I tried was borderline life changing as the flesh of the seafood simply melts in your mouth I am not at all exaggerating. If you never liked Sushi, this may just change your mind.

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It’s about creating a dialogue and establishing a community. A sustainable designer, choosing the country of production is sometimes quite hard. Tell us why you chose Portugal, Mongolia and also something about the fabrics that you worked with.. In Friuli anche l’alchimista Federico Cremasco, alias Fred Jerbis, coltiva personalmente le 43 botaniche per il suo GIN43, ispirato a una ricetta segreta del 1946. Michele Mariotti, assistant bar manager al Blue Bar del Berkeley Hotel, a Londra, lo definisce gin che va contro corrente, perché erbe biologiche dal sapore deciso e pronunciato TiBi, Bistrot Provencal, cocktail bar milanese famoso per i suoi drink, va forte il Giass, primo gin made in Milano lanciato da cinque amici nel 2017 dopo numerosi esperimenti nella lavastoviglie di casa. Un prodotto piacevole, morbido, profumato ma non invadente spiega il barman Niccolò Zamboni, che ha inventato il Giass in time, un cocktail a base di Giass con liquore di rosa canina, sciroppo di melograno e spremuta di pompelmo rosa..