The Sun (2014)It was expensive and almost completely useless. Times, Sunday Times (2013)So all you can do is watch and feel useless. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He knew that he was almost useless. La fulminazione sulla via di Damasco, racconta, avvenne nel 2007, durante un tour umanitario in Africa al seguito di sua madre, presidente dell’organizzazione umanitaria AMADE (L’associazione mondiale degli amici dell’infanzia). Durante quel viaggio visitammo i vari centri pediatrici dell’organizzazione in Burundi, Mali, Niger, Repubblica Democratica del Congo e Sud Africa, ed ebbi modo di rendermi conto di quanto poco serva, in Africa, per fare tanto. Bastano investimenti irrisori per salvare vite, e dare ai più giovani una chance, racconta il nipote di Grace Kelly.

Lloyd of the great halyard shanties, seemingly better known in English ships than American ones, though some versions of it have become crossed with the American song calledHuckleberry Hunting. From the graceful movement of its melody it is possible that this is an older shanty than most. Perhaps it evolved out of some long lost lyrical song.

If Tiger Wood were not famous and walking down the street, what would he be taken for? It depends on the city and the neighborhood. For example, are there not people from Southeast Asia in this country, who look quite similar to Woods? What some fail to see is that identity is not solely shaped by how the ignorant see you or even treat you. Certainly that Woods still identifies as he does, despite Giovanni’s ignorance is proof..

I have only on thing worth saying. The whole Justice department is primed toward prosecutions only. A person charged with a crime who cannot afford is passed to a Lawyer who is paid by the state, and apparently much less than state prosecutors earn.

Piss sets the dye fast,” one of the women had explained to me as I blinked, eyes watering, on my first entrance to the shed. The other women had watched at first, to see if I would shrink back from the work, but wool waulking was no great shock, after the things I had seen and done in France, both in the war of 1944 and the hospital of 1744. Time makes very little difference to the basic realities of life.

Niente di veramente epico ma anche una prospettiva più concreta, più spicciola, su un autore straordinario di questi anni avidi. Un lavoro diverso, come confermato dal respiro nuovamente più lungo e contemplativo dell tandem con LaValle, in arrivo appunto in questi giorni. Poi beh, con Kozelek e pochi altri non ha torto chi sostiene che basti il canto.