Full text disponibile come:1049KbAbstractExperimental measures (gamma spectrometry with a HPGe detector) and analytical methods were used to quantify the radioactivity induced during the commissioning tests of the 70p cyclotron at LNL (Legnaro National Laboratories) in two samples: 1) a thick copper target used in low current tests for beam extraction at 70 MeV and 1A and 2) a sample of (DDT) water of the cooling system of a copper beam interceptor used for beam injection tests at 1A and 70 MeV. It followed a qualitative outline and experimental measurements of the induced activity of a sample of dust, from the accelerator irradiation cave, placed close to the beam line pipe during the proton irradiation at 70 MeV and 100 A of a copper target shielded with lead and polyethylene. Dose rates from the activities detected on water and dust samples, after the 70p cyclotron commissioning tests, result not relevant from a radiological point of view: they are both less than 10 Sv/y..

The ownerships of the basil are different: it stimulates the secretion of the saliva, it appeases the cramps to the stomach and the vomit, it calms the cold and the headache, it is antiseptic, tonic, laxative, it is all right against muscular weakness and punctures of bugs. As it regards the name, the term basil derives from the Greek and means “king.” The basil is native of Asia or of India and came in Europe around the XV century. Di Agripolis Biblioteca “Pietro Arduino”Collocazione:AGR 377Tipo di fruizione per il documento:on line per i full textTesi sperimentale (Si) o compilativa (No)?:NoSolo per lo Staff dell Archivio:.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)She has been suspended from office and her impeachment trial is set to take place during the Olympics. Times, Sunday Times (2016)A fire engine and two support vehicles were scrambled and trains to the airport were temporarily suspended. The Sun (2013)Services have been suspended temporarily.

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