Times, Sunday Times (2012)They wanted them to be of equal status. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Maybe we all need to stop and think about what equals a good time. The Sun (2016)The maths would suggest that speed plus jumping ability equals a cracking long jump.

It is nit picking to say that the Bible does not speak of ‘surrender to God’. Why? Because the Bible uses a stronger term: ‘Submit to God’ and ‘submit to God’s law’. Therefore, this fellow was building a false proposition by saying that it is wrong that a Christian should ‘surrender to God’.

‘Rapture’ in the English language has the meaning of exhilaration or excitement, in my contemporary understanding. The Oxford dictionaries give the meaning as, ‘A feeling of intense pleasure or joy’. The plural, raptures, means ‘Expressions of intense pleasure or enthusiasm about something’.

Se escludiamo una parentesi in cui ho rischiato l’ischemia da risata compulsiva,a pranzo, a causa dei miei colleghi cretini con cui ci siamo ammazzati a suon di risate incontenibili (vedi il post sulla ridarola per capirci), escludendo questo oggi è stata davvero una giornata inutile. Ormai per quanto riguarda il lavoro sono veramente insofferente, avrei solo voglia di una vacanza. Ma vera però, con la sabbia, il mare, gli spaghetti allo scoglio, il buffet dei dolci, il jogging in spiaggia, l’escursione fregatura con visita al villaggio tipico (3 minuti) e al negozio di souvenir (4 ore).

Times, Sunday Times (2013)Why could a wedding be closer than you think possible? The Sun (2013)What do these possible changes mean for the next generation of lawyers? Times, Sunday Times (2010)It may be possible to introduce a few office perks. Mill, Wendy Chalmers Repetitive Strain Injury (1994)The only remaining possible explanation appears to be that seconds have gradually become shorter. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Make the range as wide as possible and use your imagination.

As has been widely reported in recent days, Tom Hayes, a Tokyo based trader at UBS, was at the centre of the bank’s Libor fixing scandal. Hayes, who was arrested in connection with the affair last week, has an MBA from Hult International Business School and left UBS in 2009 for Citigroup. Citigroup dismissed him in 2010 for suspected involvement in rate manipulation..

I’m hearing a lot of people pissed off about our inadequate Congress. Bill Moyers interview with Lawrence Lessig and Nick Gallespie I thought went to the heart of why we’re all pissed off. Though it was a conversation about the Supreme Court decision on “free speech” I noticed that it became a conversation about LOBBYISTS.