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This is reported in, Rudd sister quits Labor over gay marriage policy (The Age, 13 December 2011).[3] According to The Age, these are the reasons given:She cannot back a party that supports marrying not something I believe in and it also the way it happened that I dislike don believe gay marriage is good for the community should be loved and treated right and they should not be discriminated against to make that huge leap from their rights to breaking a commandment of Moses bashing antagonistsIt was this last comment in The Age that used support from commandment of Moses that caused a battering in the online letters of response about Loree Rudd decision and association with Moses. This is a small sample of what was said about the of Moses issue:1. Please? Being Christian and screaming Moses does not give you special rights to deny citizens of this country marriage equality can say love and cherish gay people and then say uphold the laws of Moses Last time I checked, gay people and other were ordered to be stoned to death under the of Moses Unless I am mistaken, Ms Rudd is a Christian and ought at least to be aware that Jesus decreed the of Moses to be secondary to his golden thy neighbour rule.

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