Times, Sunday Times (2015)When he retires he will be remembered chiefly as a wonderful Test batsman. Times, Sunday Times (2014)While other ethical problems make appearances, her pages are chiefly concerned with organ selling. The Times Literary Supplement (2012)In his own times he was known chiefly for his portraits in pastel, which are especially exquisite.

Ritornato negli Stati Uniti nel 1831 con una locomotiva smontata, Stevens cominciò a farla riassemblare dal meccanico della rete, Isaac Dripps. Sembra però che mancassero le istruzioni e, in assenza di precise indicazioni, Dripps fece di testa sua. La locomotiva venne assemblata con una forma del tutto diversa da quella prevista dal fornitore.

There is no difference between whole wheat and white flour here. The biggest scam perpetrated on the unsuspecting public is the inclusion of “whole grains” in many processed foods full of sugar and wheat giving the food a virtuous glow. The best way to avoid foods that are bad for you is to stay away from foods with health claims on the label.

The Sun (2012)Is the bright yellow paint the sun? Times, Sunday Times (2009)But this year he has picked up just one more yellow card and become a key part of the squad. The Sun (2015)Can he get the yellow jersey? Times, Sunday Times (2012)With paint, if you take blue and yellow you get green. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The male is a beautiful bird, a bright olive green with yellow patches on his wings.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)The causes of the decline are threefold. Times, Sunday Times (2016)She declined to comment when we approached her last night. The Sun (2016)The gradual decline has not surprised him, not least because of the way smokers have been lectured to from on high.

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Times, Sunday Times (2013)But this one promised to be different. Times, Sunday Times (2007)At last this series lives up to its considerable promise. Times, Sunday Times (2015)This can stir proposals and promises or your first meeting with the love of your life.

Le ipotesi di trattative in corso tra Mediaset e Vivendi per risolvere lo scontro tra la famiglia Berlusconi e i francesi mettono le ali a Mediaset a Piazza Affari. Il gruppo di Cologno e Vivendi starebbero negoziando per ricomporre la frattura che si venuta a creare con il mancato acquisto di Premium da parte dei gruppo di Vincent Bollor Le trattative riguardano il coinvolgimento di Mediaset nella joint venture allo studio tra Canal Plus e Tim per portare i contenuti sulla banda ultra larga, oltre a una riduzione della quota di Vivendi in Mediaset dal 29% al 10%, con Finivest che potrebbe comprare le quote eccedenti. Le parti starebbero cercando un in tempi brevi, entro l dei diritti tv e prima dell al tribunale civile di Milano della causa intentata dal gruppo di Cologno contro i soci francesi fissata per il 19 dicembre.