1707KbAbstract aim of this thesis is to provide a phenomenological introduction to the polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background and the physic behind it. Work is organized in the following order: in Chapter 1 we will present some fundamental concept in modern Cosmology and in Chapter 2 we will introduce the statistical formalism that we will need for description of the CMB anisotropies. A description of the CMB, its relationship with the thermal history of the Universe and its most important properties will be given in Chapter 3, along with a dissertation about the temperature anisotropies and a qualitative explanation of the origin of these fluctuations.

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Feature of our commercial chicken plucker machine:1. Check the machine when you open the carton. Please reinforce the screw which may be loose during the transportation. The factors influencing the reaction are the presence of oxygen, the degree of unsaturation of the oil, the presence of metals, irradiation and particularly the UV light. The antioxidants may retard the stage of initiation and/or stopping the propagation, through different mechanisms of action. The natural antioxidants present less risk to the health of the consumer compared to some synthetic antioxidants and may represent a viable alternative to artificial additives.