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Times, Sunday Times (2013)Then talk to your boyfriend about how breathe fresh life into your relationship and what changes you both need to make. The Sun (2014)This six part series breathes new life into the classic horror tale. The Sun (2014)Can white superstars breathe new life into downbeat Motown? Times, Sunday Times (2006).

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ALTRI TITOLI: Fishes Lamentation, Fish in the Sea, Haisboro Light Song (Up Jumped the Herring), The Boston Come All Ye, Blow Ye Winds Westerly.Una forebitter song cantata occasionalmente come canzone marinaresca (sea shanty) risalente al 1700 e proveniente con tutta probabilità da alcuni broadsides con il titolo di Fishes Lamentation song appears on some broadsides as The Fishes Lamentation and seems to have survived as a sailor chantey or fisherman song. Whall (1910), Colcord (1938) and Hugill (1964) include it in their chantey books. We also recorded it from Bob Roberts on board his Thames barge,The Cambria.Le varianti si possono raggruppare in due versioni1) il faro diHappisburgh( si trova nella conta inglese di Norfolk.2) Nei paesi nordici (Scozia in testa of course) le aringhe (fresche o meglioin salamoia oppure affumicate) sono servitein tutte le salse dalla prima colazione alla cena.

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