Each of those reading personalities are never far from my mind, whether I’m helping a new reader or thinking about the “ideal reader” for a book I just finished reading. Those same experiences are the underpinnings of the Reading Tub, a children’s literacy nonprofit I launched in 2003. Learning to read begins at home, so our goal is to help adults engage kids with books even before they recognize their letters..

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The one song that had hooked me up with Leeds Music, the one that convinced John Hammond to bring me over there in the first place, wasn an outreaching song at all but more of an homage in lyric and melody to the man who pointed out the starting place for my identity and destiny the great Woody Guthrie. I wrote the song with him in mind, and I used the melody from one of his old songs, having no idea that it would be the first of maybe a thousand songs that I would write. My life had never been the same since I first heard Woody on a record player in Minneapolis a few years earlier.

I was so shocked to read such comments fueled by hatred and prejudice in every post I just read. This makes me so sad. I find it hard to believe that they were even written by people who watch Bill Moyer’s Journal. Nel 1848 i giornali di New York battezzano Charles Lewis Tiffany “il re dei diamanti”. Oltre un secolo dopo, nel 1961 la nota gioielleria viene celebrata in un film memorabile: Colazione da Tiffany. Holly Golightly, interpretata dalla meravigliosa Audrey Hepburn, riassume l’emozione provata dicendo: “Da Tiffany pare che nulla di male ti possa accadere”.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)The ingredients have such strong flavours that the pepper and the lemon can dance all over the lamb. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Instead munch on sticks of crunchy, sweet red and yellow pepper. The Sun (2013)Add a good grinding of pepper and serve in warm, shallow bowls.

Cohen, Julian Kay, James Taking Drugs Seriously (1994)The military distinction between combat and support has grown more blurred. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Many of them will have seen combat operations. Times, Sunday Times (2014)This represents fantastic progress in combating the disease which destroys so many lives.