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Irish emigrant arrives in London, the tune is that generally known with the title of Shore (see)HorslipsfromHappy to meet, sorry to part, 19723) in 1846 the entire crop of potatoes (basic diet of the Irish) was all destroyed due to a fungus, the peronospera; the famine occurred (1845 1849 which some historians prolonged until 1852) which lasted for several years and almost halved the population; those who did not die of hunger were lucky if they could leave for England or Scotland, but more massive was the migration to America4) ‘tithes and taxes’ paid in support of the Irish Church, sothe song pre dates the Act of Disestablishment in 18695)the years of large scale industrial expansion (with relative upgrading of infrastructure) began in Britain starting from 1840 506) John Bull is the national personification of the Kingdom of Great BritainGreen Shamrock Shore is a traditional Irish song originally from Donegal, of which several textual versions have been written for a single melody.TUNE: Erin ShoreA typically Irish tune spread among travellers already at the end of 1700, today it is known with different titles: Shamrock shore, Erin Shore (LISTEN instrumental version of the Irish group The Corrs from Forgiven, Not Forgotten 1995), Lough Erin Shore (LISTEN to the version always instrumental of the Corrs from Unpluggesd 1999), Gleanntin Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair, Gleanntan Glas Gaoith Dobhair or The Green Glens Of Gweedor (with text written by Francie Mooney)Standard version:Paddy Green Shamrock Shorecommon Paddy Green Shamrock Shore was first sung on an EFDSS LP(1969) by Packie Manus Byrne, now over 80 and living in Ardara Co Donegal. He was born at Corkermore between there and Killybegs. It was taken up by Paul Brady and subsequently.