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Bianche e nere. Bianche e blu. Ma anche bianche e rosse. In marzo, poco più di un anno dopo il lancio di Off White, Abloh è fra i finalisti dell’LVMH Prize. l’unico stilista americano in finale. A settembre, sfila per la prima volta con la linea Donna alla Paris Fashion Week presentando una collezione di 20 uscite che reinterpretano il classico look T shirt bianca e denim..

That’s not to say that Wall Street’s compensation model can or should emerge intact from this crisis. Securities and asset management workers would be both self defeating and unjust. However, industry leaders would be wise to craft compensation reforms aimed at bringing risk and reward into better balance for 2009 and beyond.

Times, Sunday Times (2009)It is always wise in Westminster to keep an eye out for reptiles and snakes of all description, many of which are poisonous. Times, Sunday Times (2006)The first is for the main church, where there is no entry charge or laborious security, so the snake of people moves quickly. Times, Sunday Times (2014)I’ve learned that to get new ideas accepted, one needs to be as “shrewd as a snake and harmless as a dove.

Allen Johnson is coordinator for Christians for the Mountains, an advocacy group that organizes Christians to protect the environment. The organization, which was featured in the 2006 MOYERS ON AMERICA documentary IS GOD GREEN?, has a special focus on the region of southern Appalachia. We’d like to thank Allen Johnson, who previously wrote an update about mountaintop mining, for sharing his thoughts on the Bush administration’s recent changes to the nation’s environmental regulations.

Critics feared President Trump’s habit of selecting business leaders for key government positions would unfairly benefit their former companies. But Rob Cox of Reuters points out that proximity to the president isn’t necessarily helping anyone’s bottom line at least so far. ExxonMobil, where Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was CEO before joining Trump’s cabinet, has lost 6 percent of its value since inauguration day and failed to secure a drilling waiver in Russia.