Times, Sunday Times (2007)Cynics are not surprised that politicians say one thing when they are campaigning and another when they are in power. The Sun (2011)Which country could cause a surprise? Times, Sunday Times (2014)My mother could say the most surprising things, producing them seemingly out of the blue. Aidan Hartley THE ZANZIBAR CHEST: A Memoir of Love and War (2003).

My results confirm the importance of Uvigerina peregrina for stable isotope studies and support the employment of this species for paleoenvironmental and paleoceanographic reconstructions at the global scale. The oxygen isotope record of Uvigerina peregrina displays a succession of light 18 O peaks (up to 0.5VBDP) superimposed on the large scale glacial interglacial trend. These oscillations are particularly frequent during the glacial termination, confirming that this interval was characterized by a strong climate instability.

ALTRI TITOLI: Fishes Lamentation, Fish in the Sea, Haisboro Light Song (Up Jumped the Herring), The Boston Come All Ye, Blow Ye Winds Westerly.Una forebitter song cantata occasionalmente come canzone marinaresca (sea shanty) risalente al 1700 e proveniente con tutta probabilità da alcuni broadsides con il titolo di Fishes Lamentation song appears on some broadsides as The Fishes Lamentation and seems to have survived as a sailor chantey or fisherman song. Whall (1910), Colcord (1938) and Hugill (1964) include it in their chantey books. We also recorded it from Bob Roberts on board his Thames barge,The Cambria.Le varianti si possono raggruppare in due versioniPRIMA VERSIONE Melodia Blow the Man downQuesta è quella in cui i pesci avvisano minacciano della tempesta esortandoi pescatori a dirigersi verso terra.ASCOLTA Bob Roberts, 1958 (versi tratti da Oxford Book of Sea Songs, Palmer)ASCOLTA Assassin Creed Black Flag con il titolo di Old Weather 1) il faro diHappisburgh( si trova nella conta inglese di Norfolk.2) Nei paesi nordici (Scozia in testa of course) le aringhe (fresche o meglioin salamoia oppure affumicate) sono servitein tutte le salse dalla prima colazione alla cena.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)It includes recipes for potions to assist with childbearing and diagrams of the reproductive organs. Times, Sunday Times (2013)We are now an administration that protects the rights of women including the rights to reproductive health care. Christianity Today (2000)Each was assessed to ensure they were in optimum shape and had no other problems that may affect their reproductive system.