Tutti i soggetti sono stati sottoposti, con correzione in uso, a valutazioni refrattive (AV), valutazioni binoculari (forie e tropie), accomodative e di bilanciamento, per individuare coloro i quali presentavano anomalie refrattive rispetto ai parametri scelti come valori di norma in tali ambiti. Essendo i disturbi degli ambiti refrattivo e accomodativo fattori che influiscono negativamente sulla capacità stereoscopica, si è reso necessario condurre tale indagine preliminare per selezionare solo gli individui, che non presentando problematiche, forniscono valori di stereoacuità attendibili. I due test di stereopsi, sono stati somministrati ad una distanza fissa di 0,40m e sotto condizioni di illuminamento standard (80 110 lux).

Unless people get out face to face talking straight there is no hope for our way of life. One young guy on here said the other day that blogging solves nothing. He’s right if that’s all you do. Naughton, Barry, false starts and second wind; financial reforms in the Chinese Industrial System, in Elizabeth J Perry and Christine Wong Eds, The political Economy of Reform in Post Mao China, Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, 1985. Peoples Bank of China.

When my wife I moved into a new house and put up sufficient bookshelves in the den to hold our shared book collection, I decided to make major sections by topic, but mix fiction nonfiction together. For example, the travel / geography section is arranged by longitute, and you might find Michener’s ‘South Pacific’ next to Thor Heyerdahl’s ‘Kon Tiki’, and then maybe Robert Hughes’ ‘Fatal Shore’. In the history section (The largest by far), Bios of Patton, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, are mixed with ‘The Longest Day’ and a collection of Bill Maudlin’s cartoons..

In console la musica è decisamente hot e in console si alternano Andrea Bozzi, Ceck e Lele Dc. Dalle 21 le porte del club si aprono per l’aperitivo di benvenuto con buffet offerto a tutti dallo special partner Martini. Ingresso omaggio entro le una per tutte le ragazze..

Definite model of radiation action on living cells is still unestablished, however it is known that the “quantity” of radiation, characterized by the absorbed dose (the mean energy imparted to matter per unit mass) is not sufficient to characterize the biological effect, in that equal doses of different radiations lead to different results. Sparsely ionizing radiations, like gamma rays, are less effective than densely ionizing radiations, like slow protons and carbon ions; the capability of ionizing radiation to damage a living cell is indeed closely related to the local energy deposition within relevant subcellular structures, like the chromosomes. An accurate treatment planning should therefore take into account the particle interactions at the micrometer level.