Un appuntamento che quest’anno si unisce a Vogue Italia per un grande progetto che vedrò come teatro la Vogue Fashion Night Out 2016. 10 fashion film dedicati a 10 brand italiani e girati da 10 giovani registi internazionali per raccontare il Made in Italy. I film verranno proiettati in un apposita installazione in Via Montenapoleone durante la notte dello shopping e durante i tre giorni del Fashion Film Festival Milano, dal 24 al 26 settembre all spazioCinema.

If the event of Easter Day is in any sense an historical event additional to the event of the cross, it is nothing else than the risen [sic] of faith in the risen Lord, since it was this faith which led to the apostolic preaching. The resurrection itself is not an event of past history. All that historical criticism can establish is the fact that the first disciples came to believe in the resurrection.

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Comme l’a déclaré récemment Hillary Clinton, la Chine qui détient pour 1800 milliards de bons du Trésor américain, est le banquier des Etats Unis. Treasury bonds, is “the banker of the United States.” Elle s’est aussi muée en principale partenaire commerciale de l’Allemagne. It also turned into main trading partner of Germany..

Human echolocators, like bats, make clicking noises to create sound wave reflections and map their surroundings. You might think this talent requires a superhuman ear, but Thaler said most people, unbeknownst to them, dabble in echolocation all the time. Ambient sounds hint at the type of room you are in: a hard, cavernous gym with bleachers reverberates differently than a cozy bedroom with soft furnishings..

The Sun (2016)He allowed me to look at an image of my brain on the computer screen. Times, Sunday Times (2006)The ability to do so resides in what are known as the higher centres of the brain. Knowles, Jane Know Your Own Mind (1991)We force our brain to work hard.

Se cioè abbandoniamo l’idea di noi stessi come qualcosa un di fisso, permanente e immutabile e del mondo come qualcosa di altrettanto stabile e identico a se stesso. I piccoli e grandi mutamenti dentro e fuori di noi sono l’oggetto della scrittura. Se accettiamo questa impermanenza e mutabilità della nostra realtà psichica, nulla ci è impossibile nell’ambito dello scrivere.