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The camp was at Mbuni(ustrich) from which we could see Mt Kilimanjaro quite clearly. Ride one and lead 4. So I volunteered thinking that I would be able to pick my own horse.. I said that a statement of faith was a guide to prevent false doctrine from infiltrating the group from, say, the Mormons wanting us to become gods, JWs who didn’t believe in the deity of Christ, tongues as a requirement for those who are saved (which is a doctrine of the Revival Centres in Australia). He was not aware of one for this house church. He said that he used to accept such a view but not now, since the Holy Spirit had changed the openness with which he ministers and has experiences in the group.

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DentalPro, fondata nel 2011, ha avuto negli ultimi anni una crescita esponenziale, anche sfruttando la possibilit di fare da consolidatore in un settore ad alta crescita, come quello delle cliniche dentistiche. Lo scorso anno DentalPro ha infatti comprato la catena Giovanni Bona Cliniche Dentali: con l DentalPro passata da 46 cliniche dentali a 80. Oggi controlla 110 cliniche.