In the ISL, Indian referees are paid Rs 7000 per match day, and Rs 2500 on non match days. Foreign referees in the ISL are paid between $400 and $500 (approx. Rs 26,000 and Rs 32000) a day, regardless of whether these are match days or not. “Well, I don’t know that the world as it is can be addressed in a political campaign. Isn’t there something about the very nature of this marketing and persuasion enterprise which is the selling of a candidate that obviates dealing with the world as it really is? . We draw lines and boundaries about what is legitimate and illegitimate to be said, and then we conduct our political conversations mindful of those boundaries.

The country still needs important structural reforms, but the pace of public works has improved. The project for the creation of a federal state has made some progress. The management of public debt, until the latest developments, appeared wise and efficient.

1074KbAbstractPurpose: To identify in which way scleral lenses interact with the physiology of the ocular surface. The research fits the current thirst for further knowledges about the balancing between benefit and danger in normal corneas. Comparison between studies, articles, and scripts by several practitioners trying to find out a common opinion which was the most updated one available.

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